Second, when your industry is caught napping and neglecting the REAL NEEDS

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Disruption happens first when your customer is getting ripped off

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3. The Process is hugely inefficient

2. The REAL needs are not met

And thirdly, when we got used to a process that is hugely inefficient

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Discover the Secrets of Growing Your Business Exponentially

How to discover Your BIG IDEA and construct a PROTOYPE that will disrupt your Industry 

1. Customers are getting RIPPED OFF

How Strong is Your Innovation Culture?[Self Assessment]

Making sure you disrupt before you get disrupted

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of technology disruption and the ever increasing pace of change - and is your IT department pressurizing you to keep upgrading and upleveling your tech? 

​Are you worried about the future of your business, as the proverbial two guys in a garage are now out innovating your marketing department (that is if you have a dedicated innovation unit) ?

​For the past ten years, I have worked with leading Global Brands (such as IBM, SAP and Deloitte) to grow the Business, and discovered that the best Brands excel at activating the single most important Driver of Brand Leadership: CUSTOMER VALUE OPTIMIZATION (CVO)

"Disruptive Innovation is 90% about Psychology and 10% about Technology" (Dr Nik @ SAP Startup Forum) - here is the UGLY TRUTH: Your customer does not care of your tech, the only thing they care about is how much VALUE they receive from you (or rather your competitors).

"Disruptive Innovation is all about Customer Value Optimization" (Dr Nik @ IBM Leadership Forum) - how are you creating more value for your customer than the competition and how are you fast tracking those great ideas to real solutions that will put YOU FIRST (in the eyes of your customer? 

​Watch the Three Reasons why every Industry is getting disrupted today:- and find out how you can disrupt before you get disrupted